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lauren von stackelberg

UK Head of Female Client Strategy, JP Morgan


And - Recognised one of Citywealth's inaugral Future Leaders

[Girls] - you will bring out the human side of technology, of finance, of maths, of engineering.

What do you do?

My job is to ensure that JP Morgan is the market leading partner for female clients. What I do in a day is a combination of: proactively championing gender diversity within the bank, building relationships with the most successful women in the UK and working with a team to provide goals-based advice to female clients. My job is quite intrapreneurial as the bank gives all of us in Wealth Management the ability to create our own business plans and to action them day-to-day. I meet a lot of new people every day and am proud to represent our brand! 

Why did you choose this field?

"This was the difference I always hoped to make in the world." 

I chose to work in STEM (Maths/Finance in particular) because of my passion for gender diversity and financial inclusion. I felt the industry had the greatest opportunity to impact women across the entire wealth spectrum - from women's financial health to their financial futures to female entrepreneurs.

I never thought I would go into Finance. I considered myself much more of a words person than a numbers person. What I naively did not know was that finance is not just about numbers - it's about building relationships, communicating ideas, speaking to others, and working in big teams. The 'aha moment' happened on a trip to Costa Rica. I had won a fellowship which paid for me to do a non-profit internship abroad. I moved to Costa Rica for a summer job working at a non-profit micro-finance institution that provided loans to women in poverty to empower them to become entrepreneurs. It taught me firsthand the human side of finance. I saw women's living conditions improve, women lift up their communities, and women create jobs for other women, and I knew that this was what I wanted to do with my life. It showed me the power finance has for good.

What do you look at and think, "I wish younger me would have known this was possible"?

As a young girl I watched awards shows with awe - the Emmys, Oscars, etc - thinking that such a recognition represents the pinnacle of one's career. What I did not know was that there are equally amazing awards for women in other industries. I have been amazed by the fantastic awards and accolades given to women in STEM - especially to women of all ages and levels of seniority. There are many great rising star and junior talent awards and they are a great way for your impact to be recognized. I hope each of you have the opportunity to win an award someday!

Why do you love working in STEM?

I love working in STEM for 2 key reasons: 1) I learn something new every day - everyone in this industry knows someone and something that I don't, especially with the pace of technological innovation, so I am always given challenging opportunities to learn new things and 2) every day is different - the problems I solve change from day to day, and that keeps my work exciting and new!  

Best advice for the next generation

Girls -  you all have a great balance of emotional intelligence (EQ) and intelligent quotient (IQ). Girls have an incredibly special skill set that makes them well suited to STEM. You will bring out the human side of technology, of finance, of maths, of engineering, and in doing so, will ensure that the industries of tomorrow are relatable and ready for their future employees and customers.


You may be worried that you will be one of a few women in the sector - please remember two things: 1) standing out is an opportunity - you will make a difference and you will be noticed! 2) you have the power to change this - you will be female leaders and role models encouraging better gender diversity in the sector. STEM needs you!  

Fun fact

Women are the biggest emerging market in the world today. Women control more money around the world than India and China's combined economies (measured by GDP).