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Lexie Janson



And - Licensed drone pilot. Drone Racer. Member of the 2018 Polish National Team for FPV drone racing. 

Don't worry about the haters.

What do you do?

"My passion - and side job - is racing drones." 

I create websites, web applications, applications and tools. 

My side job is I build, service and fly racing drones, which are much lighter and quicker than the ones found in store. Racing them basically involves going through a labyrinth of gates, flags and other obstacles, as quickly and precisely as possible. If you don’t crash and be quick - basically, you win! 


I make vlogs with those drones and videos featuring some air acrobatics and aerial footage. Check out my work on http://www.youtube.com/maionhigh I am also a public speaker - talking about drones, STEM and pursuing what you want in life.

Why did you choose this field?

"We thought it would be amazing to show women how amazing it is to build and fly drones." 

Programming was always something of interest to me - I have always loved to create, and in the movies it looked like fun - but I always saw guys doing that. During a lesson at university, I entered a competition where you could have the opportunity to be mentored - and I was lucky enough to win and work for a couple of months with a woman working at Google. This helped me with my public speaking, programming and paying it forward to help others.


At a similar time, drones were starting to become popular. A friend of mine showed me his new toy. And flew up and down. I decided I wanted to do it my entire life. Back in 2014, it turned out there was just one other female pilot - Zoe Stumbaugh.

What do you look at and think, "I wish younger me would have known this was possible"?

I wish I knew that whatever I wanted to do - everything is possible with hard work and passion. I have been told - girls don’t fit in to these fields and my videos are stupid. I firmly believe that if someone tells you you cannot do it because you are too old or young, female or male, wrong nationality, wrong looks, whatever it may be, tell them ‘I can and I will - watch me’.

Why do you love working in STEM?

"Everyone has a story, and it's a good thing to listen and be listened to."

It is really rewarding to see things that you created are actually working. Comments and support as well as messages from women / girls / fathers about how my work has inspired a girl to start something is the best feeling. 

Best advice for the next generation

I started off poor - sometimes not having enough money to buy food. But hard work and passion have brought me to where I am now. Never give up and do what you love. 


You can create, discover, build and do whatever you want to do. All the people that doubt you - make them watch how hard you work. 

Role model 

I have been in a different country / place every week since February.