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"What if I knew before?" 

We have all asked ourselves such questions countlessly at crucial junctures of our career. Many of us do get the exposure and guidance and blaze the trail that we once aspired for. 

But there are millions of young minds asking the same question. Anukarniya aims to contribute to this cause and change the picture for the better. 


 'Anukarniya' is a Sanskrit word which means 'the exemplary one'.

Your failures, achievements and experiences shape your career and make you the person who you are today- an Anukarniya, a fighter and a dreamer. We want to make your voice heard and reach millions of young girls who seek guidance through our podcast series. 


This initiative is supported by 2 international organizations - MENSA India & 1MWIS; and founded by Gargi Aggarwal. MENSA India has multiple initiatives which helps rural youth to get access to education. To know more about Western India chapter, MENSA India click here

Our initiative has been featured in, “Yuva Ranabhoomi”, a monthly magazine in India, which is to support and guide youth. To read the article and know more about the team click here.

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The equality gap can begin to be closed with the groundswell of a million steps. 

Let's start now.

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