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5 things I learned from working at an automotive company

I was very surprised the day I received a call telling me that I was the person selected for a job position on an automotive company.

I worked for the IT department and after a few weeks on my new job, my boss told me: “Today you are going to visit the shop floor”. As soon as we entered the plant, I felt like a child on Christmas day, I was amazed by all the robots and the AGV (automated guided vehicles) running around; I remember thinking to myself that I was on the Transformers’ film set. I just couldn’t believe that it will be my new life!

After 4 years I’ve learnt so much, and today I want to share some of these things with you.

1. Quality saves time and money

The automotive industry is a sector that has many regulations and quality controls. That is why the traceability of all parts and production process’ details are recorded.

Thus, if an incident is reported due to a part defect, all vehicles that carry a part from the same batch will be recovered (they may already be in dealers or even worse, in the hands of the customers), in order to replace the affected part, and then returning the unit to their owner.

This inadvertence may imply a high economic impact for the company, because sometimes the problems cannot be fixed at the local dealers and the vehicle must be returned to the plant where it was manufactured.