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5 things I learned from 3 years at work

Today marks my third work anniversary working for the Hospitality Global Business Unit at Oracle. Apart from the fact that I love the hospitality industry, I have learned a few things along the way:

1 - The importance of giving and soliciting feedback

Giving in your 100% at your job is important but what’s more important is working towards the correct goals. Regular feedback sessions with your team and stakeholders help track your progress as you continue to grow every day.

2 - The importance of building and expanding your network

Strategic networking at the workplace (or in general) is the bridge that takes you to a land of opportunities and is critical to your personal and professional development.

3 - Be vocal

While you take steps to align your work towards the organizational objectives, it is imperative to have a career development plan for yourself. Be vocal about your aspirations and career interests and schedule periodic sessions with your managers (or stakeholders) to solicit their advice on how to get where you want to be.

4 - Take that first step

We often find ourselves brainstorming various ideas that can solve the problem at our hands, but we let our fears win over our problem-solving spirit. My advice is to get started and take that first step. Trust me, the first step will fuel you up for the entire journey and make you proud. Besides, there is always a problem that you can solve.

5 - The importance of personal branding

Personal Branding is the key to express yourself at work and capitalize on your strengths to build credibility at work.

I am grateful for this journey and look forward to adding more things to the list above as I continue to grow within this organization.

With thanks - this article was written by Ketaki Vaidya.

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