Debunking myths on working mothers

I've heard numerous myths regarding working mothers:

“If a mother works, it is because she needs the money, she would rather prefer staying at home taking care of her children”

“A working mother will not be as committed to her job as other employees”

Some of these myths even haunt women in their fertile years (who aren’t mothers yet):

“She will get pregnant soon and quit her job”

“If we promote her now and she gets pregnant, she won't perform the same and her productivity will decline”

As a woman and mother, I can say with certainty, that no woman shares neither the same circumstances nor the same thoughts.

My case, for example, after 5 years of trying to get pregnant; I finally had my baby, a beautiful girl, whom I’m madly in love with. But the same way I love her, I get overwhelmed too. I found out that I can't settle for the idea of ​​being at home all day changing diapers, singing children's songs, and painting coloring books.

The first months of motherhood, when I was on maternity leave (as many of us), were very hard and some of the most stressful months for me. Not having adult conversations, not being able to work on enriching projects, being either home or in the park all day, honestly drove me crazy. And the worse thing was that I had to be quiet about my feelings, because if I said how I felt at that moment, I felt people would give me a "you are an awful mother" look.