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Spotlight on 6 STEM accounts to follow on Instagram

Instagram is one of my favorite social networks to follow fashion trends, explore my foodie side, transport myself into unexplored destinations or incorporate healthier habits into my daily routine and diet.

However, Instagram is also an excellent social network and platform to promote study and vocation for STEM careers among women. That is why today I bring you some of my favorite accounts to follow on IG:

nina.draws.scientists @nina.draws.scientists

The first account I want to include in this list is not from a STEM woman but from an artist: Nina Chhita, who is dedicated to drawing women of science, awesome right?

This account is super fun, with every sketch is a famous phrase, chronology data or any other curious information that will enrich your general culture and awareness of great women dedicated to STEM careers; additionally in the comments of the post there is usually more information that summarizes the life and achievements of these incredible women.

I found this a very original way of presenting us great female references in science (both from past and present).

Women Doing Science

Account created by the oceanographer Alex Phillips, it promotes the visibility of women around the world in STEM careers, their motivations, their current job and future plans in science.

I love this account because it is very diverse in terms of the scientific and technological careers that exist, it includes real women photos while performing their professional activities and explaining in a very concise way the interesting investigations and tasks in which they are involved.

I think it is excellent for young women in the search of their professional vocation, because it allows you to see a small glimpse of the day to day of a women dedicated to science.

Science.Uncovered @science.uncovered

This recently created account was born from Esther Odekunle's desire to promote STEM careers in underrepresented communities. Even though it is just over 3 months old, it has more than 17k followers and I think its success is partly due to Esther’s positive attitude.

Esther shows how a scientist should look continuously on her posts: White? Man? Middle Ages? ... well no, a scientist looks just like the reflection on your mirror.

Another of her disruptives posts shows a glamorous Esther, telling us that a woman can love science and also her heels and makeup; she shows us a new image of what a scientist looks like by debunking the existing stereotypes.

Sheryl Sandberg @sherylsandberg

You may hear about Sheryl already, as she is the COO of @facebook and founder of @leaninorg and @optionb.

Her more than 600,000 followers speak for her and the quality of her post regarding accessibility to education, inclusion and diversity.

Even though the content of her account is not usually STEM related, I think it is a good reference for women whose goal is the leadership of teams and organizations.

Nanogirllabs @nanogirllabs

Account created by Dr. Michelle Dickinson, aims to make STEM fun and accessible for everyone.

It is ideal if you have young children (6 to 11 years) and you are looking for projects to do with them at home, while they have fun and learn about physics, renewable energies, biology and much more.

Millions of steminists! @millionstem

And of course, you can follow 1MWIS also on Instagram and you can learn a little more about each one of the wonderful women who are part of this great project.

With thanks - this article was written by Elena C. Mata S.

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