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Spotlight on 4 STEM accounts to follow on Twitter

Perhaps you have already read our previous articles on current STEM accounts that you can follow on LinkedIn or Instagram, but as the saying goes "all good things come in threes", and today it is the turn of Twitter, the social network you use if you want to be updated on the news of the moment.

Here is a small list of awesome accounts that you can follow on this social network if you are interested in content related to science, technology or the support of women in STEM:


Science communicator & molecular biologist, included in the Fortune list 40 under 40, and founder of great initiatives such as: @stembassy and @blackinscicomm.

Raven is a very active science content creator and distributor, she posts very interesting tweets almost every day, her unique style makes learning science fun and motivating, as she mixes it with the urban culture and gives her account a unique charm.

If you follow her, you will also have notifications about the release of her new videos on her YouTube channel and the content update on her other accounts.

If you visit her account you must watch her video "Wipe it Down", to raise awareness about the correct disinfection and cleaning to prevent the spread of COVID, you will probably end up singing the song in your head the rest of the day.


The acronym for this account stands for “Great Women of Mathematics,” and as the name implies, it is an excellent place to access short biographies of remarkable women in the areas of mathematics and science.

If you don't know who: Kathleen Orellenshaw, Euphemia Haynes, Kalpana Chawla or Gladys Mae West are; you may be interested in stopping by this account and looking at their interesting histories.

Additionally, if math is your thing, and you love solving problems, every day they do the #dailymaths challenge, where you can test your knowledge and ability to solve problems, keeping your mind occupied for a few minutes or hours.


Stanford Professor and Co-Director of the Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence Institute at the same university - Fei-Fei Li is a role model when it comes to AI research, machine learning, deep learning, computer vision and the use of technology for healthcare; as can be seen in many of her publications.

She currently has more than 360,000 followers on twitter, and what I find most interesting about her publications is the amount of innovation research that she makes known through her account.


Doctor, aquanaut, astronaut-scientist candidate, lecturer, martial artist, speaks 3 fluent languages ​​and other 2 at an introductory level, sings, plays the piano, is black belt in taekwondo and many other things.

If you are one of those people who think that one thing doesn’t define you and that in life there are many paths you can visit, you should definitely follow Shawna. If I had known her when I was a little girl, I am sure I would have wanted to be like her.

In her Twitter account Shawna includes a lot of content about space science, technology and medicine, if you like space and want to be informed of the latest news, consider this account.

And of course, we are also on Twitter, so if you want to follow us on all your social networks, search for us as @MillionStem and start receiving tweets to meet each of the magnificent women who are part of this project.

With thanks - this article was written by Elena C. Mata S.

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