Spotlight on promoting diversity in STEM

During my childhood, I don't remember anyone talking to me about the careers I could choose. In my school that was reserved for the last year of high school and by that time I was already sure about what career I was going to study.

Some governments are taking steps through legislation to guarantee equal access to minorities (be it of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc.) in work environments. However, placing all the pressure of diversification in companies, doesn’t solve the root cause of the problem:

STEM careers are not visible enough during childhood and early scholar stages for many people.

For this reason, the focus of this article is how to promote access to STEM education, aside from the regulatory counterpart and its application from an organizational point of view (which are very important too).

Promote role models:

A boy or girl that sees how a person (with whom they can identify) achieves a goal and instils the belief that they can achieve it too. The search and promotion of role models is key and a fundamental task, however, we need to ensure minorities are well represented as role models to encourage the next generation.