23 Super Women Leading STEM

Here's just a small group of 23 super women leading in their fields, breaking barriers & inspiring the next generation into STEM!

Dr. Jenine Beekhuyzen OAM

Futurist, diversity expert, researcher, & founder of the Tech Girls Movement Foundation

Jenine’s Tech Girls Movement Foundation programs & Tech Girls are superheroes books that inject creativity & imagination through development programs both online & in-person, to give girls aged 7-17 access to hands-on technology, STEM women mentors & an opportunity to experience leadership and build their skills and confidence. Over the past 7 years, Jenine & her team have engaged more than 10,000 schoolgirls in hands-on STEM entrepreneurship education.

Jenine’s recent book, 5 things You Can Do To Engage Girls in STEM is a comprehensive summary of the state of representation of girls & women in STEM in Australia in 2019 & provides a practical framework we can use to start changing the playing field. The 5 things we can do are described by Jenine’s model of AEIOU which stands for Autonomy, Ethos, Involvement, Otherness & Us-ness.

Jenine has overcome rough beginnings. Still troubled by doubts of not being good enough & learning about vulnerability, Jenine shows us how you can be good enough. Her motto is “it does not have to be perfect. 80% is good enough. Life is short so give it a go.”

Dr. Catherine Fargher

Creative writer, researcher, lecturer, & EdTech start-up founder & entrepreneur

An early pioneer integrating & innovating Science, Art & Education, Catherine’s colourful career is culminating with her start-up. EdTech Dr. Egg Adventure Lab, is a cross-curricular digital story world platform. Catherine is creating new, imaginative ways to teach and inspire Science in the classroom.

Dr. Catherine has a deeply rooted noble goal to produce work that leaves a legacy that improves humanity through creativity & imagination. Dr. Egg was hatched 7 years ago as a real-life stage play & has evolved through Catherine’s creative