Anshika Mehra

Senior Analyst, MSCI Inc.


Tthe world is as open to you as you are to yourself.

What do you do?

Presently gaining full-time experience as a Client Service Analyst In Equity and Fixed Income Index Products in MSCI Inc. My concentration is currently dedicated to the world’s institutional investors like Asset Owners/Broker Dealers/Custodians/Investment Managers/Asset Managers over Middle East, South Africa, UK and Europe.

Why did you choose this field?

After being born and brought up in an extremely competitive and hard working environment at home where we belong to a sole proprietorship business, money has always been a pivotal in encouraging our dreams, enhancing our quality of life and motivation to work. More than a need, working hard to become financially secure independently acted as a catalyst in me shaping up my mindset towards a career. Most of the inspiration that I drew subconsciously is from my father. I found myself good with budgets and judicial expenditures since a very young age and numbers/statistics fascinated me. I realised that economy of a country requires the backbone support of a strong financial system which is regulated. To me, studying finance purely meant understanding how the world of investments works and allow it to add values of wealth creation with sound logic and risk assessment.
I took up a specialised bachelors degree called B.SC. Finance after completing my schooling. Currently, I have 6 admits in Masters Finance degree program, from a total of my 8 applications in USA. Every little detail from my personality and my achievements along with failures, have brought me to this position where I have much better admissions than that I hoped for. Opportunities do not knock on your door unless you work hard and focus on hitting the targets you dream to achieve. USA has been holistic in terms of accessing student profiles, they found my work experience to be the most attractive quality in my application and that helped me get offer letters irrespective of any flaws in the rest of my profile.

What do you look at and think, "I wish younger me would have known this was possible"?

I feel content when I look back at my life’s past years. I realise I have never really wasted time because thr phrase “Time is Money” haunted and motivated me at the same time. I feel I did sufficient in all those years and that have made me the person I am today. I have take. My decisions of choosing a specific industry, location, university and career. Whatever little I have achieved today, i credit most of it to my own self and the remaining to my family for their financial support until I started earning by the age of 21. I would tell my younger self that, there is so much more to you and in this world. You are meant for bigger things in life and you will fall a few times but will eventually find your own path and travel your own journey without depending too much/ not at all on any one.

Why do you love working in STEM?

It is very enlightening to know that Finance is a scientific field now, it is wholly considered as a STEM category.
I do feel STEM has its benefits of being globally popular, recognisable, keeps upgrading constantly and challenges you to your core existence the moment you start to feel comfortable. STEM tells you that humans maybe replaceable once Artificial Intelligence, SuperComputers and Robots take over the world. You have to continually evolve with this dynamically updating ecosystem to remain a relevant and valuable resource.

Best advice for next generation?

Personally, I do not feel anyone should opt in a career outside of STEM as long as they are aware of their strengths and minimal interests which lie within the scope of STEM. Yes, this is definitely an exception to the parallel world of all other professions outside STEM.
A tiny household habit can wake your interests up in STEM fields. It only takes a spark to light up a fire. Observe your mind, observe your responses to problems, observe how to de with challenges and stressful situations or a pressured environment. This is what develops your skill set for a road to STEM. It is highly challenging, consuming, risky, successful, rewarding and advancing world IN STEM. If these adjectives made you feel uncomfortable, you may want to dwell more on self reflection and introspection before your feel absorbed in these choices. If you connect with these adjectives and find them sound enough to make a hell of a life with them in a good way, STEM is your calling. There are no limitations today, not even the skies or other planets can be your resistance anymore , the world is as open to you as you are to yourself.

Inspo quote / fun fact / role model

Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it. - Salvador Dalí
There’s no art to find mind’s construction in the face. - William Shakespeare

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