Nadine Rostom

Data Scientist, Airbus UK



Don't take a no as an answer and never ever give up! I know you will get there.


I connect people to data. Using advanced technology, I simplify complex and big data into creative insights to enable People to make better informed Decisions. I analyse the efficiency and cost effectiveness of IT operations and business process and drive actual business change.
I deliver operational enhancements based on data insights and focusing on the end-to-end value chain and end-user experience.


Some say you need a metal detector to scan the landscape of your life to find your true passion and that this can’t happen overnight. But it did for me! It took the “poof” of air, flickering of lights, and whirring sound of the wings to dazzle and inspire me to become a pilot on my first flight when I was just five years old. I remember I spent the entire flight in the cockpit trying to touch as many lights as I could with my little fingers.
My passion for aerospace was not the only thing prominent at this young age. I demonstrated an exceptional talent in Science, Technology, and Math with a unique ability to solve problems without having all the given which was essential to solve the problem.
In the middle of my third grade year, I was pulled out from my class and I was asked to join fourth grade class. My academic results impressed all the teachers and proved I was exceptional. I graduated with a Baccalaureate in Life Science at the age of 15 years old with my passion to become a pilot still alive!
For some challenges, I had to choose the closest major possible to aeronautical science I could find in my district; Telecommunication Engineering. The university was three hours away from home which I had to travel every day. I remember the first meeting I had with the dean of engineering to register where he advised me, being the only woman amongst 80 students, to go into the school of Pharmacy as it was “a more traditional academic path for a woman”.
I earned a Bachelor’s Degree with High Distinction at age of 18 years old. I was the youngest graduate in the Middle East region at the time and my graduation was recognized by many regional newspapers. Then I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Computer & Communication Engineering with High Distinction at the age of 20 years old.
I tried so many ways to come closer to my dream of becoming a pilot but I was told by many that it is about time for me to stop being childish, forget my dream, and be realistic.
The challenges couldn’t agree more and became more prominent after my dad passed away so I had to work hard playing various roles from like Technical Sales, Radio Frequency Engineer, Project Manager, and Data Analytics.
One day, I decided I needed to transform my career path and become the forefront of Airbus technology and innovation if not an Airbus pilot. This step took shape in 2017 where I joined my dream company on boarding the Airbus UK Graduate Programme.


I've had many achievements. My favourite one so far is when I received Airbus 2019 Award for Excellence for my contribution to an innovative technology project called AlbatrossOne as I had no aerospace knowledge or background.
One aspect all my achievements have in common is challenges; you name it and I've experienced it.
No...It wasn't a smooth ride and I wasn't always surrounded by supportive environment and/or people. In fact, I met a lot of people who tried to slow me down. I still face them on a daily basis.
I don't believe in luck either, I believe in patience, determination, persistence, adaptability, and hard work.
I believe every person in this world is intelligent in their own way and every one will have their moment to shine...just hang on there and never give up on your dreams!


I love to leave a positive impact on people, a change. I knew with a career in STEM I will have a chance to do so. Technology and data is driving our future and I want to be on top of it as I am the future!
I'm driven by achievements and results. The more problems I solve, the deeper the impact I'd leave, and the more satisfaction I get. Here is one example that is dear to my heart:
Based on my data analytics, I was capable of driving Amnesty International to raise awareness for millions of refugees to free healthcare system that is available to them.


I believe that what you seek as a person is within you, if only you reflect. In my own life journey, I’ve noticed I couldn’t find the new until I embraced the unknown. Although I haven’t achieved my dream yet, I started with the right ingredients, flew 4200 miles away from my family, looked beyond the umbrella of my skills, and stepped into the world of my dream, Airbus. I feel I am closer than ever and I know my passion will guide me the right way!
Here are my top 5 tips for you:
1. When you start your career, you might stumble across a lot of complicated information. Perhaps things you never heard of. Never let this put you off! People like you & me created this information so you will be able to understand it eventually. You are "your best friend" and you are "your best teacher". You just need to find the right entry level for you to start building on your potential.
2. Always Challenge everything around you; people, stereotypes, numbers, opportunities, system, rules! Don't take a NO as an answer and never ever GIVE UP! I know you will get there.
3. Never compare your potential to others, it will slow you down. Every person is unique. The only person I compare myself to is person I was a year ago.
4. Broaden your horizon. By this I mean travel, explore, network, learn about food, people, cultures, places, languages, etc.
5. And finally, be adaptive...know that life is neither easy nor perfect. And know that it is OK! It is normal to experience success as well as failure. You will learn a lot more from failure. It will shape a quicker path to lead you to your dreams.


"Your sickness is from you,
but you do not perceive it,
and your remedy is within you,
but you do not sense it.

You presume you are a small entity,
but within you is enfolded the entire Universe.
You are indeed the evident book,
by whose alphabet the hidden becomes manifest.

Therefore you have no need to look beyond yourself.
What you seek is within you, if only you reflect." - Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib